Earlier this year, Rushbet has launched a website for sports betting in Colombia. According to the latest information, Rushbet is willing to offer sports betting in Pennsylvania too. Some more information about this bookmaker and its main features is something that you will find out if you continue to read the following article.

Rushbet Mobile Website

Please note that the screenshot is taken from the Colombian Rushbet website.

Rush Street Gaming

Rushbet is newly established subsidiary of US-based Rush Street Gaming. Rush Street Gaming, usually called Rush Street, operates four US land-based casino and a New Jersey licensed online casino. The company is among the pioneers of the online gaming industry. It boasts decades of experience in the management of online games sites. In the fast-growing online casino market, Rush Street is definitely a leader in the United States.

But Rush Street is not just known for its online presence. Since 1996 the company has developed 4 physical casinos in North America (Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York). There are more than 10 million players who visit the casinos every year, which proves their trustworthiness.

The safe and comfortable environment that they have created and they maintain in their casinos is present while you are playing the online games too.

Rush Street Gaming Casinos

Please note that the screenshot is from the Rush Street website.

Lately, their primary goal has been sports betting industry. That’s why they launched a site in Colombia under the Rushbet domain. Now they are willing to expend at the US market, in Pennsylvania, to be more specific.

Rushbet Pennsylvania – What can we expect?

What can we expect when it comes to the Rusbet Sports betting?
It still remains to see if there is going to be an online platform such they have launched in Colombia or if they will come up with something else.

If we take a look at the Colombian site we can at least have a general idea of the main characteristics of Rush bet. So let’s check them out!

“Luck is not a coincidence” – that’s their motto that you can find on the front page. We guess that this is a kind of advice to all punters. They want to say that before making a bet you need to get to know the sports betting scene.

And the sports betting scene is really big on the Colombian website. We can say that one of the main feature of the site is diversity. There are too many sports to list them all when it comes to betting options. That’s why we will just present a few, so you can get the picture of variety of different options.
On the website you can find some sports such as: Football, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Cycling, American Football, Australian Football, E-Sports, F1, Rugby, MMA, Volleyball, Chess, Badminton, and so on. (Sports on offer depend on the market/location and are subject to change)

RushBet Logo

Please note that the screenshot is taken from the Colombian Rushbet website.

As you may see there are a lot of sports betting options to choose from. Besides, there are even more different options as a part of Rusbet Sports betting options. For example, if you want to try football betting then you can choose basically any country you want and bet on different events from different leagues.

Obviously Rush, bet is trying to keep their users well informed. You can find statistics for the sports events and take, let’s say, an analytical approach before placing a bet. Because, according to them “luck is not a coincidence”.

Rusbet Sports Betting Promotions

In order to add enjoyment to every customer’s betting experience Colombian Rush bet has provided a lot of promotions. First of all, like many other online bookmakers and casinos, Rush bet offers a nice welcome bonus for all new customers. But they are not just focused on their new players. They also carry about the regular ones. There is a Loyalty Program as a sign of their commitment to the loyal players.

The user who is part of the Loyalty Program gets points for every bet that he makes. The more he plays, the better his Loyalty Level gets. With the points he collects, he can claim the different prizes and bonuses that they have in their Bonus Store.

The Bonus Store is something that we can’t find very often on the sports betting sites. That’s why we can say that it’s one of the main advantage of the Rushbet site. The player can buy bonuses with his points. According to his Level of Loyalty, the points can be multiplied. He may activate promotions directly or save them in his Bonus Bank which allows him to accumulate multiple bonuses in his account.

Rusbet Sports Betting Bonuses

Please note that the screenshot is taken from the Colombian Rushbet website.

Rush bet US Review

Like we have already said, right now, Rusbet Sports betting is only present in Colombia, but it should become a reality for punters from Pennsylvania, too. We took a look at the main features of Colombian Rushbet in order to see what we might expect from that bookie. All that remains is to follow carefully and see what their next steps will be.

Until Rushbet comes to Pennsylvania, or if sports betting does not interest you, you can check out what Mohegan Sun Pocono has to offer.